Saturday, October 11, 2014

Time well spent at the 18th Annual Radnor Hunt Concours d'Elegance

My brother Michael called me about a year ago and told me his friend Garen Maguerian had started to shoot motorcycles recently and sent me a few photos. I liked what I saw.  Mike's got an eye for spotting talent and has been writing for for a few years now. He's used Garen's photos with his articles and asked if he could shoot some motorcycles at Radnor Hunt Concours this year. Here's his take on the motorcycles at that show. I think you'll like them too.



You can check out Garen's work at

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The 18th Annual Radnor Hunt Concours d'Elegance

The 18th Annual Radnor Hunt Concours d'Elegance presents Vincent HRD, Brough Superior, Quarter Litre machines from 1932-1972 and other fine motorcycles.


Each year, the upscale Radnor Hunt Club makes room on the it's famous grass covered terraces for a world class collection of auto's and classic motorcycles.
RHC chose to celebrate the life work of Phil Vincent and Phil Irving with an astounding collection of machines that represent the brand in it's entirety. Early models, like the 1932 HRD Python Sport, powered by a Rudge engine provides a glimpse into what Phil Vincent started with before building his own engines with his patented unique rear suspension package. Restored Series A models, like the Comet and 998cc twin were on hand as well as post war machines. Seen in this context, the lineup shows the progress that was made very rapidly by the dynamic duo that brought the worlds fastest production motorcycles to life. Their work, and the work of the tuners and riders who raced them are the stuff of legends. Images of Rollie Free in his bathing trunks on the Vincent Black Lightning roaring across the Bonneville Salt Flats is perhaps the most iconic image in all of motorcycling.

In addition to the stock machines, there was a series of 'Specials,' motorcycles that were modified in period to marry the performance of the mighty Vincent engine with a more modern chassis. Three of these were featured at Radnor Hunt this year: the Egli-Vincent, the Parkin-Vincent and the stunning Norvin. The Norvin combines a Norton 'Featherbed' frame with a 998cc V-Twin Vincent engine. This particular model was exceptional in in its execution of details, built to a very high standard and used regularly by it's owner. The Egli, a creation of Swiss builder Fritz Elgi, was one of the few built by the master himself, in International Orange. The current owner bought the bike some 45 years ago and has been enjoying it ever since. The Parkin-Vincent features a Terry Prince built 600cc Comet engine with disc brakes, and a more modern swinging arm rear suspension. All three demonstrated the versatility of Vincent engines which are held in such high regard by speed demons the world over.
What was rare and desirable when new means rare and desirable now, but sometimes machines that fail when introduced can be just as fascinating. Examples of that at RHC this year included the Vincent Black Knight and Black Prince, two machines that were ahead of their time. So to for the Indian 'upside down' Four and the Harley Model D with vertical generator.
The 250cc and under class took a look at motorcycles over a forty year span, from 1932 to 1972. The evolutionary process is quite evident with significant leaps forward at certain points. We saw rigid chassis's with girder forks and sidvalve engines to telescopics forks and swingarms mated with overhead valve engines in a relatively short period.  
The cars were no less impressive with F1 cars, Classic Chryslers and Ford powered vehicles being featured. Additionally, antique pedal cars and horsen-drive carriages are a big part of the show at Radnor Hunt Concours. If you haven't made the trip to Radnor Hunt Club yet to see this spectacle, mark your calendars for September 12-13 2015. We'll see you there.

Winners of the 2014 Radnor Hunt Concours Motorcycle Division

Best of Show: 1937 Vincent Series A Twin - Maurice Candy, Wilmington, DE

Peoples Choice: 1936 Indian Four - Kenny Minnich, Zannesville, Ohio

 Street 250cc and under:1965 BMW R27 - Todd Trumbore , Harleysville, NJ

Street 500cc and under: 1932 HRD PS /Python Sport - Gene Brown, Denver, CO

Street 501cc and over: 1952 Vincent Touring Rapide - Gene Brown, Denver, CO

Competition 250cc and under : 1971 Suzuki Sonic Weld Dirt Racer - Mark Mederski, Columbus, OH

Competition 500cc and over 1952 Vincent Black Shadow - Somer Hooker, Brentwood , TN

Competition 500cc and under: 1950 Vincent Grey Flash, David Dunfey, Middletown, NJ

Preservation Award: 1928 TWN Triumph & sidecar: John Illeyne, Passail, NJ

Spirit of Radnor Hunt: Eight Vincent HRD Collection of William Weissman , Egg Harbor, NJ

All photos by Dawn Deppi
@Eye of the Beholder





Thursday, August 21, 2014

Motorcycles at the Simeone Museum 2014

Education and Demonstration, this is the primary mission of the Simeone Museum. The 2014 'Classic Motorcycles at the Simeone Museum' show features Vincent / HRD, Brough Superior , Quarter Litre and under plus other significant machines. Special Guest speakers at the Kick Start Party included Matthew Biberman, author of 'Big Sid's Vincati' and life-long enthusiast, David Dunfey. Photographer Dawn Deppi was on hand to capture all the action and provided a photography workshop the next day for a select group of enthusiasts.

Doug Kaufmann, Matthew Biberman and Lola, the last motorcycle built by 'Big Sid' and Matthew. The Rapide based Bonneville race will once again return to the Salt Flats in the near future.


David shared some stories of his visits with Phil and Rita Vincent in the UK.

Who doesn't love a sidecar? John Illenye and his TWN Triumph was a big hit.

Despite starting with ease earlier, when it came time for the demonstration run, Scott Dell's Brough OHV 680 needed a little help from Doug Wood to get going.


Event host John Lawless with sponsor Dennis Martin from Martin Motorsports and Jack Broomall

Norvin's, Elgli's, Grey Flash and many stock Vincent HRD machines on display.


John Light shares some insight with his sons about the legendary Black Shadow.

Even 'Lawrence of Arabia' made an appearance !
Black Prince and Black Knight present in the display 
Yes, it's a real Grey Flash.

The Black Shadow from the Basement


Next stop is the Radnor Hunt Concours d'Elegance on Sunday September 14, 2014